New Site Claims To Be The Instagram Of Sex

When Instagram hit our phone and computer screens around 2010, it revolutionized the way we upload and share the picture-worthy moments of our lives.

While Instagram was by no means the first platform to include picture sharing on a mass scale, images were usually a secondary component on other social media sites. Facebook and Twitter prioritized text and interaction first, and images came second.

However, Instagram reversed this idea by making images the central focus of their platform. If you wanted to make a post, you needed a picture to accompany it. It’s such a simple formula that it seems so obvious, yet it took until the social media craze was in full swing before someone turned this simple idea into something much more.

These days, when you think of picture sharing, you think of Instagram.

And like any social media platform, Instagram users quickly turned the place into an unofficial dating site. Risqué picture sharing soon became commonplace among users, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that the Instagram creators took some harsh steps to clamp down on the idea. While Instagram is still used as a dating site today, it is only done so in private.

Strangely, very few dating sites have taken Instagram’s platform idea and adapted it to the hookup world, although such an idea may legally infringe on Instagram’s copyright claims. However, there is a new site out there which takes the principle which made Instagram so popular and adapted it for the dating world.

This app is called Meet Bang.

In the same way Instagram forces users to share photos when creating a post, MeetBang forces users to share their deepest, darkest secrets. Whisper isn’t necessarily a dating site, but like Instagram, it’s a social hub with a focus on bringing new people together. The Whisper creators report that the most common use for its platform is casual encounters between users.

Once you’ve signed up to MeetBang, you’ll be able to share as many of your darkest secrets as you like. The app will then connect you with people in your area, allowing you to also see what’s on their mind. It’s a great way to meet people based on experiences, troubles or deep thoughts. Instagram may have revolutionized picture sharing, but Whisper has revolutionized connecting people on a psychological level.

One of the biggest advantages of meeting people through MeetBang is that you’ve already taken a peek at what makes them tick. You’re already in their heads, and they’re also in yours. This means that when you do hookup with this person, you’ve already made a connection and won’t need to go through rounds of dull conversation before getting down to business.

In a way, MeetBang completely takes away the need to ‘get to know someone’ before hooking up with them. Their platform does the hard work for you, so that when you do meet up, you can simply get on with what you’re both looking for – sex. It’s the perfect way to initiate a fuckbuddy relationship without having to spend endless hours dating and doing things you don’t want to. Instead, you can create an emotional connection through Whisper, then get straight on with the fucking.

All the details of Whisper can be found here. But be warned, it’s been called the “Instagram of sex” for a reason. You’ll be hooking up with more women than you can count in no time.


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