Long Yang Club


Welcome to Long Yang Club of San Diego!

IFCon 2013 San Diego: Register now for our upcoming conference. Our club will play host in welcoming the World’s Finest People to America’s Finest City. It’s going to be one big blowout beach party. Don’t miss out on all the fun

Long Yang Club of San Diego is part of an international group that provides an understanding and supportive social environment for gay men from both East and West. The club is a non-profit organization managed by an executive committee of elected officers with contributions from other dedicated members.

Our logo has a “two-hand friendship” design. It is actually a stylized but distinctive version of the “Yin and Yang” concept and symbolizes the club’s goal of promoting friendship and harmony amongst the peoples of the East and the West. Gay Asian men and their friends come together in mutual admiration.

Origins of Long Yang

Our club name is Chinese. It has its origins from a gay warlord featured in the classic novel A Dream of Red Mansions (红楼梦). You can read about the story behind the name, written by a member of our Boston chapter. It is definitely a worthwhile read.